Be part of the World Wide Digital Mural Art

With Digital Mural, you are able to imagine collective Activities with your people from all over the world.

100% Easy to use 

No skills needed

fit on :




1 – You imagine something.

2 – You draw it with our online provided tool.

3 – You add it to the dedicated gallery.

 … 4 – aNa Artist uses everybody’s ideas to create remotely a global piece of computer Art.

How Digital Mural came to life?

Digital Mural has been created by aNa and her team during the pandemic. The idea was to develop a technology that could allow her to continue practicing Social Art, in other words: collective Artworks.

Thanks to the Digital Mural team she draw dozens of Master pieces with the contribution of people from all around the world.

See some of Digital Mural bests samples:

Picture of a Digital Mural done remotely with microsoft teammates


Collective Artwork done to celebrate the Spring Break.
Participants from all over the world

Digital mural done remotely with AWS nomads teammates


Remote Artwork created to strengthen the links between all the co-workers.
Participants from several countries in Europe

Colors Image of the 2021 Digital Mural remotely done with students from faculty of medecine

Faculty of Medecine

project carried out each year with all first-year medical students of the Faculty of Medecine of Lyon 1.

You can use Digital Mural for corporate events:

a team building
an anniversary
an opening
a fundraising campaign

You can use Digital Mural for family events:

a wedding
a graduation
a baby shower
or just to create an Art souvenir with people you care about.

You can do it on 7/24 way

Your own space and gallery are open 24h/day during several days or weeks

Or as a webinar

Everybody work together at the same time.

aNa artist turns all your drawings into a Global Digital Mural

I am an Action and Social Artist who feeds from the confrontation with my audience. Thanks to my artistic approach I show the contemporary art as an accessible area and I want to engage in a dialogue between culture, art, popular and business structures by creating participatory artworks.

My main goal is to provide a very special experience and to involve people into the building of collective master pieces witch will highlight the participant’ skills.

We provide tones of options

When you purchase a Digital Mural service
you get:

The Artwork Time laps

And the LD files

Digital mural people ideas backdrop

The backdrop

Create all together a global teammates painting backdrop composed with all drawings, memories or ideas.

Colors Image of the 2021 Digital Mural remotely done with students from faculty of medecine

the collective Artwork

aNa artist uses the teammates painting backdrop to imagine a digital black and white lines personal creation.

Digital mural ana's remote black and white artwork

aNa’s black and white drawing

This black lines artwork can be shared and expose as a dedicated piece of art.

You can also buy a print


Imagine a very special artwork done remotely by everybody from the office with aNa standing somewhere else in the world. What a perfect canvas for an office-staging progam.


If your company welcomes customers or guests, you can also imagine to involve people in a couple of minutes.

They play with our tools as they are expecting an appointment or taking a rest. 


Create your condominium or hotel personal artwork. Invite everybody living in a place to take part of a digital worldwide art protocole. You can expose a print as a display or very special home-staging detail.