World Wide Digital Mural

World Wide Digital Mural is an immersive way to create together Remotely. aNa artist invites you and your family or co-workers and teammates to share a world wide digital activity to build memories and exhibit a collaborative art-work.

Whenever you want

You can either choose to create all together remotely with Zoom, Webex, Teams… or sign up for full 24/7 access to your own platform.

Have fun

You create easily while Having FUN. For that, we share with you all our specific  programs : Team Building, Celebration, Wish Card, Brainstorming, … 

Exhibit and Share on socials

Once you are done we can print a real plexiglass mural for you and your team to display in your home or office.

And you can also share your timelapse and pictures on social media to show THE WORLD how cool your are.

About aNa artist

aNa is a French Artist and entrepreneur who invented the World Wide Digital Mural 

She began her artistic career in Florida and Pennsylvania at the end of the 20th century.

Back in France, she set up the  anaystof Cie and the  “My Art Box” brand with her husband. These structures allow her to travel around the world and thus be able to invite people to create collective Artworks with her.

Now she wants to keep on practicing her social Art on line. She runs an US company in order to be able to shine internationally. She will imagine with you and your people The World Wide Digital Mural.

Exemple de dessin pour œuvre collective digitale à distance événement Pass 2023 étudiants en médecine Lyon 1
Découvrez le programme et l'outil de dessin qui permettent de participer facilement à la création d'une œuvre collective digitale à distance avec aNa artiste.
Unleash the colors of Customer Engagement! Dive into a world where feedback meets art, and every brushstroke tells a tale.
Step into the futuristic realm of Interactive Exhibits in Museums! Where tech meets art and visitors are the real stars.
Dive into the whimsical world of Corporate Identity. Where brands get snazzy makeovers and employees are the fashion police!
Dive into Art Therapy and paint your feelings! More therapeutic than a bubble wrap and way more colourful. Discover, decode, doodle!
Community Engagement goes digital with art! Bring communities together, one pixel at a time. More binding than a potluck and as vibrant as local gossip!
Special Occasions deserve special memories. Forget dance-offs, it's all about digital art-offs! Elevate weddings and birthdays with pixel-perfect celebrations!
Dive into Virtual Events where webinars meet artistry. Engage attendees, create pixel-perfect masterpieces, and stand out in the virtual crowd
Join the rave at Cultural & Art Festivals where attendees craft masterpieces while grooving! Experience the fusion of beats and brushstrokes.
Educational Institutions get a vibrant makeover! Dive into classrooms where art meets academics, and every lesson is a masterpiece.
Unveil Product Launches with a splash of co-created artistry! Dive into launches that paint a vivid picture of success. Artistry meets market mastery here!
Shake up Corporate Events with a splash of digital artistry! Ditch the pie charts for Picasso vibes and make seminars sizzle. Read on for a colorfully crafty twist!
Team building goes artsy! Swap trust falls for digital doodles, and watch your team bond over bad sketches and Picasso-wannabes.
Programme RH digital pour Animation digitale la fresque du capital humain organisée en visio conférence
Programme RH Digital La Fresque du Capital Humain : team-building innovant et sobre. Optimisez les ressources, la communication et anticipez les conflits. Options flexibles et tarifs abordables.
Why should a manager Enhance workspace aesthetics Helped by ana artist protocol
To enhance workspace aesthetics is a crucial aspect of creating a positive, inspiring work environment that can create an environment that motivates and engages employees.
How to showcase company values Using digital mural And ana artist team building remote exercice
Showcasing Company Values, mission and culture as the leader of an organization builds a positive company image.
How to improve your team communication Skills
How to improve communication and collaboration in a remote work environment using ana artist digital mural software program?
How to strengthen team bonding By using And collaborating with ana artist
How to Strengthen Team Bonding by using digital mural platform to reach clear goal by communicate, collaborate and celebrate diversity in a positive environment.
How can I Boost my Team Creativity using ana artist’s digital mural software to encourage collaboration, innovation, team building and enhance workplace aesthetics.
How can I Boost my Team Creativity using ana artist’s digital mural software to encourage collaboration, innovation, team building and enhance workplace aesthetics.
Ana artist’s digital mural Remote Icebreaker activity idea
Remote icebreaker to connect with your remote team through an engaging activity. Create a digital mural together and keep it as a memento of your collaborative effort.
Ana digital murals artist creating in her workshop
Ana artist’s digital murals break down barriers and brings people together from all over the world: flexible remote team building, virtual celebrations, to connect with communities, build relationships, and create beauty.
Digital Mural Remote design thinking Virtual memory
Digital Mural remote design thinking is the perfect application to collaborate and communicate with team members and users from all over the world.
Révélation vœux collaboratifs H4 aNa artiste école de la Source
Révélation vœux collaboratifs fresque digitale aNa artiste animation à distance avec les élèves de l'Ecole de la Source de Lausanne en Suisse.
Digital Mural fundraising campaign art reveal by aNa artist
Digital based Fundraising campaign art reveal - aNa artist and Arts for life charity partnership invite people to donate and create a remote sketch.
Digital Mural remote creative aNa artist's collaborative activity backdrop
Digital mural remote creative activity allow you to invite hundreds of guests remotely to build all together an artwork during a cool virtual team building.
aNa artist's numeric nomad event organized online with digital mural's tech
Digital mural numeric nomad event allow you to involve people, guests, teammates from all around the world into a nomad team building or brainstorming.
Digital mural symposium activity drawing
Digital symposium activity to increase engagement and to create a global souvenir as cool as a collective digital mural.
Digital Mural numeric conference activity idea to work on a topic all together event remotely
Digital mural numeric conference activity idea is a cool and playful way to work on a topic and build all together an incredible memory.
Collaborative remote greeting card numeric event platform
Exclusive numeric event platform for webinars, remote events and on-demand events. Plus, you get an artwork done as a souvenir.
Digital mural is a numeric team building tool for remote events
Numeric team building activity pack of 100 drawings for an on-demand remote global event. Create a digital mural remotely with a dedicated group.


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