World Wide Digital Mural

World Wide Digital Mural is an immersive way to create together Remotely. aNa artist invite you and your family or co-workers and teammates to share a world wide digital activity to build memories and expose a collaborative art-work.

When ever you want

You can either choose to create all together remotely with Zoom, Meet, Teams… Or do you prefer to sign up for a 24/7 Total access to your own platform.

Have fun

You easily create by Having FUN. We share with you guys all our own programs : Team Building, Celebration, Wish Card, Brainstorming, … 

You Share on socials

After your done, We can print for you and your team a real plexiglass mural to expose at home or in office.

But You also can share your timelapse and pictures on socials to show ALL AROUND THE WORLD how cool your are.

About aNa artist

aNa is a World Wide Digital Mural French Artist

She has been working in Florida and Pennsylvania back in 1998/98.

Back in France, she created in 2000 anaystof Company and “My Art Box” with her husband to travel all around the world inviting people to create collaborative Murals and Artworks.

She now work online to imagine with you and your people incredible World Wide Digital Mural.

Corporate Gift by aNa artist

Very Unique Corporate Gifts and rewards – Original and Personalized Business Gift, reward and Trophy – Turn a Remote Mural Team building into a Very Special Corporate Gift.

révélation des Trophées des Entreprises de Côte-d’or 2021
Révélation des Trophées des entreprises de Côte-d’or 2021 regroupe le time lapse vidéo et les fichiers de la fresque digitale aNa imprimée sur les Trophées.
Fresque digitale œuvre d'art numérique Laval Virtual Festival Recto_VRso #1 créée par aNa artiste virtuelle à distance
Festival Art Numérique - aNa artiste - Le programme de sa présence dans le Laval Virtual World (LVW), dans l'espace Recto VRso Art Center / Recto VRso Area.


Digital Activity Contact – For Digital and Virtual activities, exercises done remotely, remote Team building, … request your info and quote


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