Dive into the whimsical world of Corporate Identity. Where brands get snazzy makeovers and employees are the fashion police!


Remember when you were five and you dressed up as a superhero, convinced that a bath towel was all you needed to soar above the city skyline? Well, in the business world, that’s kind of what Corporate Identity is – minus the bath towel.

“So, What Do You Wear to Work?”

If companies were people, their Corporate Identity would be their wardrobe. From the sleek black tie look to the funky Hawaiian shirt vibes, a brand’s attire says it all. And just like you wouldn’t wear flip-flops to a formal dinner (unless you’re that daring), brands need to pick the right ‘outfit’ for the right occasion.

Employees: The Company’s Personal Stylists

Ever thought that the receptionist could double up as a fashion guru? Or the IT guy has a keen sense of style? When employees co-create art pieces that capture the essence of the company’s values, mission, or vision, it’s like having a bunch of personal stylists for the brand. Because who knows the brand better than the people who live and breathe it daily?

From Drab to Fab: The Corporate Makeover

Using the art pieces in branding materials or adorning corporate spaces isn’t just for show. It’s like giving the company a fabulous makeover. Think of it as moving from “I woke up like this” to “Red carpet ready”.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Brand Manuals

You could have a 500-page brand manual detailing the dos and don’ts. Or you could have a stunning piece of collaborative art that instantly communicates your ethos. The choice seems pretty clear, doesn’t it?

That Awkward Moment When…

You walk into a corporate space and can’t tell one brand from another. Yep, that’s a Corporate Identity crisis. Let’s avoid that, shall we? With art that speaks the brand language, there’s no mistaking who you’re dealing with.

The Subtle (and Not So Subtle) Art of Bragging

Let’s face it, if your company were a person, it would be that friend who subtly (and sometimes loudly) flaunts their new style. Displaying collaborative art in the workplace is like saying, “Check out our new look. And yes, we know we look good.”

The Verdict

Whether you’re trying to convey trustworthiness, innovation, sustainability, or just pure unadulterated fun, your Corporate Identity is the canvas. So, why not make it a masterpiece?

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