Our Vision about Digital Mural Art

We provide simple digital tools Worldwide to bring the world together through art. A Global collective Art experience.

We want people to PLAY with ART

The Starting Set up pack includes

Your virtual space + A link and Flash or event Code to reach it +  The direct access to our digital drawing tool + A dedicated global gallery = 1000$

aNa artist part includes

She collects all the drawings and organizes it on a personal backdrop + Every 50 drawings, she creates a part of the global Artwork + Her work is recorded so you have a timelapse to share and reveal + You receive 3 different LD files: – the backdrop – the collaborative digital mural – aNa’s black and white drawing = 500$ each 50 drawings aNa receives = 10$ per person or drawing


She is the Digital artist


Director of Growth

Our Digital Mural and art Technique

Digital Mural is the only solution on earth that allow you to create a collective digital Artwork with a Cyber artist : aNa.

Our Global offer includes:

A Virtual Space

Easy To follow  instructions, tutorials, rules and goal – This space is created especially for you event – This is a virtual event room where people can draw directly – It includes a translator with tons of languages so you can invite people from all around the world.

A Digital Drawing Tool

A direct access to our digital drawing tool – Where people will create their own personal drawing – They also share it through your dedicated gallery in one click.

A Virtual Gallery

A dedicated global gallery to store every drawing.

A Digital Art Piece

Once the experience is completed. All drawings are compiled onto one single digital canvas and Ana will complete the art piece. Participants will receive the final masterpiece on a Digital version.

Digital Activity Contact

Digital Activity Contact – For Digital and Virtual activities for adultes, exercises done remotely, remote Team building, … request your info and quote