Digital Activity Contact

Digital Activity Contact – For Digital activities contact, remote exercices, remote Team building: CALL Chris at +1 (305) 357 9764

Our Vision about Digital Mural Art

We provide very exclusive worldwide digital tools that enable you to bring the world together through art. A Global collective Art experience.

We want people to PLAY and express themselves with ART

Please feel free to use our Digital Activity Contact to reach us. We can help you to understand more about our digital mural app and programs.
Because our offer is a unique and powerful tool that allows people from all over the world to come together and create art in a collective and collaborative way. This app provides exclusive worldwide digital tools. They enable users to express their creativity and collaborate with aNa artist, regardless of their location.

aNa is a social artist than creates collaborative artwork all around the world since 1999. Please read more about aNa.

The digital mural app is designed to provide a global collective art experience. Allowing users to work together in real-time to create unique and inspiring works of art. The app provides a range of tools, features and protocols that enable users to collaborate on the same digital canvas. They share ideas and inspiration by sketching personal drawings. And they work together to bring their vision to life.
You may want to celebrate, or to use it as an innovating activity during a webinar, to image a worldwide team building or even to set up an 30 days On-demand event.

Please CALL: +1 (305) 357 9764

Discover and reveal your own artistic side.

By using our Digital activities contact you will understand how our digital mural app provides a platform for creativity and self-expression. Your guests or teammates will explore their artistic side and will share their ideas and creations with each others.
Plus people really don’t need skills. We created dedicated protocols to make it so easy for everybody using any devices (smartphone, tablette, computer)

Distance less.
One of the key features of the digital mural app is its ability to enable collaboration in real-time.
Users can work together or within the same art project, from anywhere in the country or world. They use builtin app’s tools and features to share their ideas and inspiration.
That way, they collaborate on the same digital final canvas. This allows for a truly global and inclusive art experience, where anyone can participate and contribute to the creative process.

This is for the artistic side of the Digital Mural activity. 
As a manager or a CEO, you can work on corporate subjects and goals. Digital Mural is so cool and different that it brings you new answers and real sincerity.

The autonomous Starting Set up pack includes – Involve you community in the same page during a webinar.

A design thinking or brainstorming dedicated protocol + A private collaborative Virtual White board + 25 guests access + aNa artist final Digital Mural artwork = $ 750.-

Go for the 1st independent remote Art team Building ever – Save money and keep secrets.

As a coach, or a manager, you may want to set you remote activity exactly as you want. And for personal reasons, you do not want to share strategic informations with us.

Or, you are simply liking for the cheapest offer for the best remote team building ever.

You can get a very good offer if you organise your remote team building by yourself. 

We provide everything need: digital app + program and protocol + final Digital Mural art creation by aNa

aNa artist most Luxury and confortable solution

This LUXURY remote Team Building offer is the most popular because aNa and her team take care of everything for you: aNa’s team set up a virtual appointment to create your own protocol regarding your goals – she designates the best coach for you – That coach welcomes your guests and take care of the entier activity for you – aNa compose the global background for you – she creates your personal collaborative Digital Mural – she shows up online for a dedicated reveal with all your team.

National or World wide on-demand event

A webinar is a really great way to engage small team. We usually limit our webinar to a 30 guests max in the same time. Because, a webinar with 100 guests doesn’t make sens to us. You can not share and take care of every people by distance.

So a lot of large company or team go for on-demand events. 

That program can welcome hundreds or thousands of teammates remotely, during 30 days max.

People get a link and info. So they can join and enjoy the digital mural activity when ever they want and from everywhere they are located.

She is the Digital artist


Director of Printing and goodies