Digital Mural Concept

Collaborative Digital MURAL

Take part in a World Wide Digital Mural. Express yourself by drawing your mood.

Thanks to our concept, you can collaborate to a brand new way of sharing and making Art together… REMOTELY.

Check out an awesome Student project

…the digital Mural was created in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine Lyon Est. During 2 months, the students were invited to answer the question : « What does heaIth mean to you ». They were asked to illustrate what was on their mind. aNa brought all the contributions together and created an Art co-work.


Create Your own drawing using our dedicated digital board online Drawing Tool  here.


Share your Drawing ideas with aNa artist. She will create a Global MoodBoard with everyone’s drawings.


Time to be Proud of your Talent! See your master piece on the GLOBAL DIGITAL MURAL when revealed.

Ready for your Very Own Digital Mural Event?

200 Students Digital Mural

Old School? Sign up for a LIVE Painting Team Building Event.

aNa artist

Ana uses her senses as she incorporates her surroundings, elements and time into her creations.

Her research leads to the elaboration of living concepts that propose an Experience to integrate the spectator into the art piece.

With the evolution of our current relationships her social approach has evolved towards a digital mural solution.

Digital MURAL Instructions

Please follow aNa’s Digital MURAL Guidelines.


aNa needs simple drawings for her digital mural.


You should create Large drawings using the entire digital frame.


Please use image symbols and drawings only to express either your idea or mood.

No BLACK Color

aNa will be using black color to create her black line artwork. Please use all other colors.

Join the next Digital Mural project

1 – Click on the link below to reach the creative platform and answer this question with a simple drawing or symbol :

Where are you from ?

2 – Save your drawing on your computer/tablet/smartphone and upload it… (to save, use Paint menu “File/Save”…)

3 – Please Load your creation here.


Digital Activity Contact – For Digital and Virtual activities, exercises done remotely and remote Team building, … to request more information and obtain a quote


Enjoy the Global Gallery

Check out your drawings on your Gallery.

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