A digital fundraising campaign and a digital mural project to support arts programs for children and families in the hospital. 
With Arts for Life and aNa Artist

Thanks for reaching Arts for life’s digital fundraising campaign template
from Nov 1rst to Dec 5th

”What would you fill the world with?

Welcome to Fill The World

Arts for life believes in the power of the arts to help kids heal. We support pediatric patients and families through arts education and engagement, in three communities across North Carolina.

It’s been a tough couple of years that have prevented us from being together and gathering around crowded art tables filled with patients and families. Too often, our patients are bored, lonely, and isolated. This collaborative digital mural invites you to help us ease that boredom and isolation by coming together to create something beautiful that engages, supports and celebrates our young patients. Access the instructions and drawing tool below to start creating!

When you’ve finished adding your art to the gallery, please consider making a digital fundraising campaign donation at:
To support this community art mural project with an incredible impact.

To participate in the digital fundraising campaign

To participate in the digital fundraising campaign, all you have to do is make a very simple drawing on the online creation tool,
you will find the link below .

When you click on “Add to Gallery” to publish your image, it joins the gallery dedicated to the digital fundraising campaign and aNa receives it directly. The artist then combines all these elements to create a background on which she draws her own narration in black lines.
At the end we get a collective digitale Mural done by the generous donators, the kids, their families and aNa.

Each contribution can be seen in the gallery and in the final Artwork of course!

Read the instructions carefully and then click on the link below to get started

aNa’s digital fundraising campaign guide lines

Follow the steps to be part of the digital campaign for nonprofits for Arts for life.
Draw something that answers the question:
What would you fill the world with?
It can be your favorite thing, food, wish, etc.

Draw a symbol that represents what you wish there was more of in the world…


With your computer/tablet/phone:

Click on the link below to go to the online drawing tool


Using the digital paintbrushes, create an illustration
(figurative or abstract
without words
which answers the question:
What would you fill the world with?

Try to use all the space, leave less white as possible!


Click on “Add to Gallery” to validate your drawing, it is automatically sent to the artist and published in the gallery.

A digital fundraising campaign run by a social Artist

aNa is a french artist whose professional experience took her to prestigious studios in France and the USA. Her extensive artistic experience includes exhibitions, performances and residencies on both sides of the Atlantic.

She believes that art should extend the elaboration of living concepts to create an experience and creates social sculptures and installations that integrate the public into the work. Her artistic philosophy aims to break the constant myths around the artist-consumer relationship to give the viewer an active role in its creation. The work reveals itself through the progression of actions and exchanges; it no longer resides solely in the object but in the process of its construction.

Her career has allowed her to acquire an open-mindedness essential to her main artistic desire:
Bring Art to everyone. This is also why she became a Digital Artist.

This mode of creation proves to be more conducive to dissemination and allows for easier democratization.
The magic of this approach lies in the possibility of
reaching an international audience.
aNa’s fundraising ideas for nonprofits are uniques and ones of a kind digital solutions.

What will the digital Mural look like?

Watch the Time-lapse of a previous project to get an idea of the final result…

Thank you for your donation and your drawing
for the digital fundraising campaign and  Digital Mural.
aNa is now working hard on her creation.

Please come back on december the 15th to see the collective Artwork!

aNa drawing tool remote artist works with world wide audience
numeric artist at work in her art studio
aNa artist's Online Drawing tool is a webinar or on demand event solution
Création originale d'art digital par ana artiste via digital-mural.com avec un outil de dessin en ligne et galerie personnalisée