Digital Mural fundraising campaign art reveal by aNa artist

Digital based Fundraising campaign art reveal – aNa artist and Arts for life charity partnership

Digital Mural fundraising campaign collaborative art piece reveal

Digital Mural software fundraising campaign art reveal.

aNa artist is now very proud to reveal her collective artwork remotely done with all the donator drawings.

aNa is a French fundraising campaign digital remote artist

Thank you all for the donations and creative sketches they made and sent to the fundraising gallery.

Fill The World

Do you remember what the topic was?

”What would you fill the world with? “

Digital mural fundraising campaign artwork

From November the 1rst to December the 5th you had been invited to donate and sketch something to answer aNa’s question.

aNa artist creating her digital fundraising campaign art-work

You have been so generous and creative! aNa was so pleased to take part in this amazing exclusive collaborative nonprofit artwork.

What a great nonprofit campaign art project!

You can discover now all the elements aNa artist created especially for you and for that nonprofit international partnership.

Nonprofit campaign art project

Digital Mural nonprofit campaign art project collaborative backdrop

Fundraising campaign art reveal

Digital Mural fundraising campaign art reveal by aNa artist

Collaborative nonprofit artwork

Black and white digital collaborative nonprofit artwork create remotely by aNa artist
Nonprofit campaign artwork remotely design by aNa artist

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