Ana artist’s digital mural Remote Icebreaker activity idea

Remote icebreaker to connect with your remote team through an engaging activity. Create a digital mural together and keep it as a memento of your collaborative effort.

aNa artist creates digital mural to provide a unique virtual icebreakers solution. She develops an app or software to make it so easy.

Ana artist’s digital mural Remote Icebreaker activity idea
Digital mural software Remote Icebreaker plan 1


Digital Mural’s remote icebreaker activity idea

As remote work is becoming more popular, it is now more challenging for team members to connect with one another on a personal level. 

Fun Icebreakers for meetings are a great way to help remote teams to connect and build relationships. However, traditional remote work ice breakers exercices are not always effective in the digital environment. 

That’s exactly where a digital mural’s icebreaker exercices come in. In this guide, we’ll explore a design thinking remote interactive icebreaker plan that will help remote teams to connect and collaborate.


Plus, one of the coolest things about our digital mural’s design thinking icebreaker exercice is that it allows team members to create something together and keep it as a memento of their collaboration. In traditional icebreaker activities, team members may create something together, but they often have to take a photo of it or simply leave it behind. With this digital mural icebreaker artwork program, team members create something together and keep it as a reminder of their shared experience. 

This helps to strengthen the bonds between team members and creates a sense of shared accomplishment. 

In addition, the fact that the artwork is digital means that it can be easily shared with others and used for future team building activities. Overall, our digital mural remote interactive icebreaker protocol is a fun and innovative way to connect remote teams and create something together that can be treasured for years to come.

How does work digital mural remote icebreaker activity ideas

How does work our digital Design thinking icebreaker?

Digital mural’s design thinking remote interactive icebreaker is a unique way to bring remote teams together. The artwork is designed to be a collaborative piece that everyone works on together. The process involves creating a digital mural using an interactive digital whiteboard, where all participants can work on the same canvas, allowing everyone to contribute their ideas and creativity.

Digital Mural remote ice-breaker 5 steps process is straightforward. 

1 _ First, the team leader creates an account on the platform and sets up an event. Most important is to imagine a global question as a challenge. Participants will have to answer that quizz by sketching a personal symbol, pictogram, illustration or element.

2 _ This team leader invites team members to join the event by sharing a dedicated link. 

3 _ Once everyone has joined the event, they will be prompted to answer the global collaborative question by drawing a personal sketch on the digital whiteboard. 

This question can be anything that relates to the team’s work or their personal lives. For example, “What inspires you about our company?” or “What’s your favorite outdoor activity?”

The digital whiteboard will allow all team members to work together in real-time, creating a global collaborative sketch. 

4 _ Once the sketch is complete, the team leader shares it with the Ana artist by one clic. 

5 _ The artist will then turn it into a dedicated, exclusive digital mural artwork. Ana will also provide a video timelapse and three files: the original backdrop, the global artwork, and a black and white illustration. So you can keep and share all that elements as a memento of your remote collaborative effort.

How can you Connect team members by using a remote icebreaker

Digital Mural’s virtual icebreaker activities Benefits

Let’s talk about benefits of our digital mural’s coworkers Icebreaker.

The design thinking remote interactive icebreaker activity has several benefits, including:

1 _ Connecting team members:

The digital mural’s icebreaker enables remote teams to connect with each other in a fun and engaging way. This helps to break down barriers and build relationships between team members.

2 _ Promoting creativity:

Our interactive whiteboard allows team members to express their creativity and share their ideas with others. This can lead to new and innovative solutions to problems.

3 _ Encouraging collaboration:

The global collaborative sketch encourages team members to work together, promoting collaboration and teamwork.

4 _ Providing a tangible outcome:

aNa artist’s digital mural artwork and video timelapse provide a tangible outcome that team members can be proud of. The artwork can be used for team building purposes, and the video timelapse can be shared on social media or used as part of a presentation.

aNa is a French fundraising campaign digital remote artist

aNa artisit’s Digital mural virtual icebreaker exercices in conclusion:

aNa artist’s Digital Mural Plan 1 is a unique and engaging way to connect remote teams. It also promote creativity and collaboration.

This remote activity provides a tangible outcome that team members can be proud of and can be used for team building purposes.

The process is simple and easy to set up, and the cost is reasonable. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to bring your remote team together, give the design thinking remote interactive icebreaker artwork a try!

What about a print?

Another great aspect of our digital mural’s design thinking remote activity is that the final artwork can be printed on real canvas or used to create goodies for team members. 

Go for a proud display

This allows team members to have a physical representation of their collaborative effort that they can proudly display or use. 

For example, the canvas artwork could be hung in the office or used as part of a presentation. 

Share matching goodies

The team leader could also create mugs, t-shirts, or other goodies featuring the artwork to give as gifts to team members. This not only provides a tangible reminder of the team’s collaboration but also shows team members that their efforts are valued and appreciated. It can also help to promote a sense of unity and pride among team members. 

Create an extended value of your digital icebreaker.

In conclusion, printing the final artwork on real canvas or using it to create goodies is a great way to extend the value of this design thinking remote exercice beyond the initial collaborative session.

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