Digital Mural remote creative aNa artist's collaborative activity backdrop
Digital mural remote creative activity allow you to invite hundreds of guests remotely to build all together an artwork during a cool virtual team building.
aNa artist's numeric nomad event organized online with digital mural's tech
Digital mural numeric nomad event allow you to involve people, guests, teammates from all around the world into a nomad team building or brainstorming.
Digital mural symposium activity drawing
Digital symposium activity to increase engagement and to create a global souvenir as cool as a collective digital mural.
Digital Mural numeric conference activity idea to work on a topic all together event remotely
Digital mural numeric conference activity idea is a cool and playful way to work on a topic and build all together an incredible memory.
Collaborative remote greeting card numeric event platform
Exclusive numeric event platform for webinars, remote events and on-demand events. Plus, you get an artwork done as a souvenir.
Digital Mural webinar Team building activity by aNa artist
Webinar Team building activity is a remote creative exercise of 1 to 2 hours to strengthen the skills of the team through better transversal and mutual knowledge.
Remote computer done Digital Mural breakout webinar session by aNa artist
Fun and creative breakout webinar session to build a surprising digital mural remotely with a french artist named aNa during an online team building event.
Digital mural creative webinar activity in collaborative room for team building remote event
Creative webinar activity in a collaborative room for innovation management and learning experiences or remote celebrations.
1 salle de créativité nomade disponible dans digital mural fresque digitale
1 salle de créativité nomade est un espace virtuel doté d’applications et outils de soutien à la créativité pour animations et team building nomades.
révélation des Trophées des Entreprises de Côte-d’or 2021
Révélation des Trophées des entreprises de Côte-d’or 2021 regroupe le time lapse vidéo et les fichiers de la fresque digitale aNa imprimée sur les Trophées.