aNa artist's numeric nomad event organized online with digital mural's tech

Digital mural numeric nomad event allow you to involve people, guests, teammates from all around the world into a nomad team building or brainstorming.

Digital mural numeric nomad event

aNa artistic’s guarantee

Our digital mural numeric nomad event si based on aNa artist’s creative protocole. Since 1999 she invites people to work with her to create collaborative artworks to exhibit.

Since 2020, aNa and her crew developed a dedicated tech to make it possible remotely. aNa can now invite and welcome people and teams from all around the world on a digital exclusive Digital Mural platform.

Digital mural is composed by dozens of different offers for small team remote activities, to thousands guests online on-demand event.

It makes it very easy and attractive to imagine remote numeric events for world wide nomad colleagues or teams.

How to involve people, guests, teammates from all around the world?

Digital nomad conferences and events exclusive technology

Our tech is so powerful you can invite people from all around the world.

  • you choose your ideal pack regarding own many people you want to involve. Please understand everybody will not take part of the remote event. If you organize a webinar, every teammates will create a drawing. Talking about an on-demand event, maybe 50% of guests will play the game. So such a 400 drawings pack can handle at least 800 remote guests.
aNa artist's numeric nomad event organized online with digital mural's tech

Remote numeric nomad event

  • nomad teammates should be staying in different world area. So timing question means you should imagine an on-demand event. That way, teammates can access the protocol 7/24 when ever they need or want during 30 days max.
    You also can choose to organize small webinars with teammates staying in a same world wide area. Just let us know. It doesn’t change pricing but technic.

Exclusive activity programs

  • In any cases, our program consists to ask a dedicated question or present a special topic. We need the exact same for all off your guests.

Playful numeric nomad event

  • The challenge is to create a sketch to answer the question. No Skill needed. We do not need an artwork at that step. aNa can receive drawings as simple as children do. Our numeric nomad event provide every needed tools and guide lines.
  • As soon as their done, your guests send their graphic answers into a gallery by one click. aNa can access to use those documents. You can decide to show, share or hide that gallery with audience.

aNa artist

Digital mural numeric nomad event by aNa artist is a very cool remote team building
  • She build a collaborative background by organizing that on a backdrop canvas.

  • Then she can create a real personal dedicated artwork, remotely. She draws black lines all trough the teammates backdrop to create a collaborative art piece.

  • You receive after a week, a special art pack composed by 3 files
  • Your crew ideas backdrop
Digital Mural playful numeric nomad event backdrop remotely composed by ana artist with everybody's drawings
  • The collaborative artwork
Digital Mural numeric nomad event artwork created remotely by collaborating with ana artist
  • aNa artist’s black and white illustration by her own.
Digital Mural's numeric nomad event souvenir can be printed on canvas, plexiglass, greeting cards…
  • plus a link to reach and display remotely a time lapse showing aNa artist work in progress.

How to organize a powerful nomad brainstorming

Nomad lifestyle should provide a very sensitive mind set. People traveling discovers tons of new cultures.
You definitely have to take part of that for your own business growth up.

It is part of the deal. You work remotely with nomad teammates. Your business have to avail new trend indirectly.

To access those informations, you have to create a collaborative game where teammates have to express themselves.
Our digital mural playful numeric nomad event requests people to imagine a graphic answer to a topic or question.
That topic should be personal for a team building.
In our particular brainstorming situation, you should imagine a corporate topic.
For exemple: “how should be our product or device in a other country or continent? or What could be next for the futur?…”

So your crew have to answer individually by sketching a symbol or pictogram.
Our Digital mural numeric nomad event pack provide everything you need: tech and guidelines.

Super cool digital mural numeric nomad event create an aNa artist's artwork

How to set up a perfect remote nomad team building

The team building program is as cool as the brainstorming protocole. You just have to imagine a personal question: “what is your favorite place in the world? What is your favorite food or drink? …”

It gives you essential informations about what teammates like. So you can in the future, imagine actions, perks, benefits, … that really motivate your group.

Most important, by sharing the global gallery, everyone will discover colleagues ideas or personality.
You can use those pictogram to growth up remote relationship.

Imagine virtual clubs or activity for people thinking the same.
Or you can work on complementarity.

Back to the futur: numeric nomad event souvenirs

We print canvas, plexiglass, wall paper, … greeting card,… to exhibit or share your numeric nomad event artwork. Just let us know

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