Community Engagement goes digital with art! Bring communities together, one pixel at a time. More binding than a potluck and as vibrant as local gossip!


“Hey neighbour, fancy collaborating on a digital mosaic?” said no one ever… until now! Move over bake sales and neighbourhood watch groups, the future of Community Engagement is artsy, digital, and more colourful than Mr. Johnson’s questionable choice of garden gnomes.

Pixels, More Binding than a Potluck Dinner

Potluck dinners are great – who doesn’t love Mrs. Thompson’s infamous noodle casserole? But imagine the joy of co-creating art that lasts longer than that dish and doesn’t leave you wondering about the ‘secret ingredient’.

Representin’ with Every Pixel

Communities are a mishmash of ideas, dreams, and that one weird house at the end of the street. Every pixel in the collaborative art can represent these unique shared values, aspirations, or challenges. Maybe even that weird house if it’s endearing enough.

More Than Just Pretty Pixels

Art isn’t just about aesthetics. This is Community Engagement 101. Your digital fresco can shout, “We stand for something!” And it doesn’t hurt if that ‘something’ is saving the local park or getting a proper crossing near the school.

Fundraising? Make it Artistic!

Selling cookies to raise funds? Sweet, but basic. Hosting a car wash? Clean, but cliché. Why not create art and auction it? Not only will you raise eyebrows (and funds) but you’ll be trending on the local Facebook group in no time.

Awareness: More than Just a Poster

You want to raise awareness? A poster is good. But a collaborative piece of art? That’s epic. Whether it’s about climate change, local history, or the need for a new dog park, this art doesn’t just hang; it resonates.

As Shared as Mrs. Davis’s Gossip

What’s more shared in a community than the latest gossip from the local coffee shop? The pride and joy of a collaborative art project. And unlike gossip, this one doesn’t get twisted with every retelling.

From Hashtags to Art Tags

Remember when everyone put that frame around their profile picture for a cause? That’s so last year. Now it’s all about contributing a pixel or stroke to a masterpiece for a cause. #ArtForChange anyone?

Be the Talk of the Community

It’s not often you get to be the talk of the community for all the right reasons. But with an initiative that binds everyone with a brushstroke, you’ll be more popular than the ice cream truck on a hot day.

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