Digital Mural Team Building

Digital Mural Team Building Using creativity and Remote Technology

May 2021 – Upgrade Skills and Creativity !

This virtual space is an event room. We welcome AWS French team and teammates in 2021 May the 10th to collaborate remotely with aNa artist by creating a Digital Remote Contemporary Artwork.


Imagine a Simple Drawing to express your idea and suggestion


Submit your creation with a simple click


Amazing Work Team!

Join the Movement!

Old School? Check out our World Wide Art Box.

aNa artist

Meet  aNa .

A Social Art Artist & Entrepreneur.

Since 1999 she has been working with people from different parts of the world combining creativity, Art and experiences.

During the Pandemic aNa felt a great need to help the world unite. She knew she wanted people to stay connected and use their creativity to stay well during such difficult times.

As a result… DIGITAL-MURAL was born.

With this amazing digital tool aNa is now able to collaborate with teams, individuals and even families in a dedicated Virtual Event Room.

With a little imagination and a few simple clicks you, your co-workers, friends and/or family members can join our digital board from any part of the world and create a beautiful art piece.

Leyla C.

Digital Mural Team Building Guidelines.

Follow these 4 Simple steps to Start your Digital Mural.


Keep your drawings simple. Trust us! your art will Look Great.


Feel Free to use the entire drawing space. Get creative!

NO words

Only Use Drawings. No words or Numbers allowed. You will be glad you didn’t.

no black Color

aNa will use Black for her part on your masterpiece. Feel free to use EVERY other color in the toolbox, except Black.


1 – You could access our Painting Tool online in one clic. (This is now closed because event ended)

Global Collaborative Challenge or Question :

“Imagine you are in a Fully white EMPTY room. What should be the first and only thing, person, animal, instrument,… you will request.” ?

2 – Second step, as soon as you were done with your drawing, had been to save your drawing file into your proper computer or Tablette (using  Paint’s menu > “File > save”…)

3 – Please Load your file into the FORM – [FORM is no longueur available because your event is now closed].


Digital Activity Contact – For Digital and Virtual activities, exercises done remotely, remote Team building, … request your info and quote


Challenge Number 2

Please reach your dedicated Team Event Space. And you now have to create and design ALL together, remotely and virtually, an AWS Greenfield Team’s Logotype.