Florida s project is a collective Digital Mural Artwork in progress.

 Florida s project is created thanks to aNa artist’s concept and computer tool.

With Digital Mural tools, you will be able to create collective digital Artworks with your buddies spread all over the world.

So Easy to use 

No skills needed

You create your drawing and when you add it to the gallery it joins the collective Florida s project digital canvas. When everyone is done and the backdrop is complete, aNa Artist can work on it and turns it into a Digital Mural, a global piece of computer Art.

Try it Now

with the Florida s Project



This Flash Code

to reach

the drawing application


Your own symbol of Florida

What do you like the most?


aNa artist turns all your drawings into a Global Florida s concept Digital Mural

I am an Action and Social Artist who feeds from the confrontation with my audience. Thanks to my artistic approach I show the contemporary art as an accessible area and I want to engage in a dialogue between culture, art, popular and business structures by creating participatory artworks.

My main goal is to provide a very special experience and to involve people into the building of collective master pieces witch will highlight the participant’ skills.

1 • SCAN

Scan the Flash Code above or use the button to reach aNa’s Drawing Tool here .

2 • DRAW

Draw a symbol to explain what you really LOVE about FLORIDA. It can be a real thing or a geometric shape. Any style is welcome, especially childish!


Just click on “Finish” in the drawing app then “Add to Gallery” to see all the drawings done! 


Come back Monthly to see the collective Art piece growing up.

Here is the First Florida s Project Digital Mural artwork created remotely by aNa artist – February 2022

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a drawing. Please find your creation in the background. If you want to comment or contact the artist aNa directly, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Enjoy the Florida s concept Global Gallery

Check out your drawings on your Gallery.

How to send your drawing into the Florida s concept Gallery?

When you are done, please click on “add to gallery”.
If you choose “Finish !” you send your creation directly to aNa without feeding the public Gallery.
But anyway, she will receive your artistic proposition, idea, message,…

virtual sun drawing created online with digital mural app during a remote team building
Digital pink heart drawing design remotely during a virtual art protocole by ana artist
A very nice virtual pinky crown drawn online in a digital mural tool during an event on demand